Welcome to our Festival,

LeMars, Iowa,

Aug 31-Sept 6, 2015 

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Don't forget the Oak Tree Opry in Anita, Iowa, Exit-70....I-80


We have my protest song "Dear Grand Ole Opry" up & running: http://youtu.be/3xDswcKKVhU


LeMars, Iowa, Festival August 25-31, 2014


Just in the last couple of years we have had Whisperin' Bill Anderson, Jim Ed Brown, Michael Martin Murphey, Charlie McCoy, Lynn Anderson, Little Roy Lewis & Lizzy, Mickey Gilley, Barbara Fairchild, Joanne Cash, Boxcar Willie Jr., and the legendary Patti Page at our festival, a truly 'authentic country' festival.


In 2010, Bill Anderson came to our festival to support our efforts in saving the music from the "heart of America" what we call old-timey country or rural music. We continue to preserve, perform, perpetuate, and promote America's rural music art forms at every opportunity.  We like this particular website design, mostly because it finds you in a very agricultural field.  Green plants everywhere, and as you read down beneath the surface of the earth, you get to the very roots of what country, bluegrass, and folk music from rural America is all about!  ...the roots!

        PATTI PAGE

The legendary "Patti Page" came out of retirement to perform for us and support our efforts of 'saving America's upper midwest rural music.  She had a wonderful time, and we inducted her into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  The audience she attracted was over 2,000, so many we had to shut the doors due to fire marshall orders.  Some people did not get there early enough to see her show. She had a wonderful time with us, and one of the last things she said to us  was 'Keep it country Bob & Sheila.'

 All ten of our stages fill up - bring lawn chairs

Bob Everhart

P.O. Box 492

Anita, Iowa, 50020




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